Since 1993

The Maitiv Institute will present thoughtful, practical solutions to modern challenges to Jewish observance. Through research and analysis of whatever data is available, from Jewish and other religious communities, the institute will identify ways in which communal professionals can respond effectively to key challenges discovered.

On many topics regarding the observant community’s social and religious well-being, there is often little quality literature, if any, and scant data. Anecdotes and hazy notions of reality, frequently promoted by whoever has the loudest voice or quickest pen, are often substitutes for considered opinions by those who see such challenges up-close. In key areas of ethics and ritual life, there has been precious little study on how to cultivate best practices for Jewish religious well-being. Maitiv will begin the process of addressing this lacuna.


Dr. Awi Federgruen
Rabbi Dr. David Fox
Alexandra Fleksher
Rabbi David Hellman
Dr. Michael Kurin
Dana Margolis
Rabbi Yisrael Motzen
Dr. Yitzchak Schechter
Rabbi Dr. David Shabtai
Devora Shabtai
Rabbi Aryeh Westreich


Advisory Board:
Rabbi Shalom Carmy
Rabbi Moshe Hauer
Rabbi Yaakov Neuburger
Dr. David Pelcovitz
Rabbi Yona Reiss
Rabbi Avrohom Union


Binyamin Ehrenkranz
Rabbi Gil Student

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The Maitiv Institute is a program of The Honeycomb Society Limited, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.